Voice Actor, Music Producer, & Composer


JJ Seabrook is a passionate individual focused on expressing their creativity in many forms of media. Born and raised in a southern military town, JJ has met a plethora of individuals with different interests that helped mold them into who they are today.

In 2007, they began producing music as a hobby, but became truly invested in production in 2012. Inspired by artists such as El-P, RL Grime, and Public Enemy. Performing under the name "AmpRen," JJ's appreciation for a wide variety of musical styles led them to dabble in a bevy of different genres, including rap, drum & bass, trap, and electronica.

In 2021, JJ took another creative plunge and entered the world of voiceover. Voice acting was their first dream job, and they decided to chase down their dream after two decades of saying "I wish I could."

Outside of their main endeavors, JJ also dabbles in video editing and creative writing. In their spare time, they enjoy relaxing through video games, manga, and tabletop RPG sessions.